Spiritual retreats for transformation
Come meet us, come meet you.

With the use of Ancient Disciplines and Medicines

Spain is one of the most open countries in Europe with the laws in favor of Ancestral Medicines and Psychedelics

At the Holistic Center Refining the Soul we have created a safe environment with countless disciplines and ancient medicines

Духовные ретриты для трансформации
Давай встретимся с нами, давай встретимся

С использованием дисциплин и Древних Лекарств

Испания во главе использования аяуаски

Испания — одна из самых открытых стран Европы с законами о Лекарствах предков и психоделиках.

Идеальное и безопасное место для ретрита с Аяхуаской или Буфо Альвариусом.

Аяхуаска напоминает нам о нашей цели на земле

Вы не пришли к тому, чтобы потерять себя в уме, чтобы потерять себя в материи, вы не стали навязчивым потребителем информации, эта же информация разрушает все, что нас окружает, мы пришли, чтобы испытать все наши способности, не только ментальный, и это проблема.

Чем больше информации мы накапливаем, тем счастливее ли мы...?

Las Medicinas milernarias  y su expansion mundial

Existen psicoterapeutas que hacen talleres de ayahuasca porque ven en ella complementos perfectos de las terapias convencionales. Y hay pacientes que acuden a su psicólogo o psiquiatra preguntando por la planta.

“En Estados Unidos existen hospitales de élite que han incorporado chamanes, expertos en medicina china o ayurvédica a sus equipos como personal de refuerzo”, afirma Pio Vucetich, quien dice estar convencido del potencial de la planta para tratar cualquier tipo de adicción.

“Si cada centro de rehabilitación occidental contratase a un chamán, el problema de las adicciones se resolvería y además con un coste muy bajo. En cuatro sesiones, la persona llega a la conclusión de que debe dejar su adicción”.

Comprometidos con Europa y Rusia

Стремление к Европе и России

Committed to Europe and Russia

Nuestro compromiso de expandir la sabiduría de nuestros abuelos a través de las Medicinas Milenarias, de lo Ancestral, de expandir el mensaje de la tierra, de las plantas y de nuestros hermanos los animales, para que cambie el rumbo de la humanidad y se despierte la conciencia que hay en cada uno de nosotros.

Our commitment to expand the wisdom of our grandparents through the Ancient Medicines, to expand the message of the earth, of the plants and of our animal brothers, so that the course of humanity changes and awakens the awareness in each one of us.

Наше обязательство расширить мудрость наших бабушек и дедушек с помощью Древних Лекарств, расширить послание земли, растений и наших братьев-животных, чтобы ход человечества изменился и пробудил осознание в каждом из нас.


Viajaremos donde sea legal las Medicinas Ancestrales

Facilitaremos y Organizaremos los viajes a España

Facilitar el proceso de cada individuo para que pueda transformar su pensamiento y poder sanar el cuerpo físico, emocional, psicológico y espiritual.

Estamos en momentos de cambio, de expansión de nuestra propia conciencia, de transformaciones personales, y apoyaremos, organizaremos todas las personas que se animen a despertar. 


Ayausca is a mixture of plants from the Amazon, capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, which normally last between 4 and 8 hours after ingestion.

With mild and stimulating, even visionary, effects, ayahuasca is used primarily as a cure and shamanic medium of communication, typically in ceremonial sessions with guides. The main ingredient of this jungle tea is a vineyard, Banisteriopsis caapi, which, just like the tea itself, is called ayahuasca (meaning "vine of the soul" or "vineyard with a soul").

The secondary ingredient can be the chacruna (Psychotria viridis) or the chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), plants that contain a relatively high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT. Nobody knows with certainty since when this drink has been used.

The first record of Western contact with ayahuasca dates from 1851, by Richard Spruce, the famous English ethnobotanist. If we consider the archaeological evidences of the comparative use of native plants, it seems very probable that their use dates from hair less two millennia ago.

There is currently a lot of interest in the use of these sacred plants and articles about them can be read regularly in newspapers and magazines.


For thousands of years this medicine was well present in the indigenous tribes of the largest and most dangerous jungles of our planet, a sacred medicine.

Kambó is a natural and very effective therapy, which has been used for thousands of years by the tribe of the Amazon rainforest of the north western Amazons, including Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

The natives rubbed the back of the frog by the body to strengthen and so go hunting to avoid being affected by bugs and snakes.

On the other hand, they used it to promote health, strength, well-being and also to eliminate 'panema' or bad luck.


Now you can contact us to be called by a person in the language of your choice.



5-meO-DMT - a neurotransmitter molecule from the glands of Bufo Alvarius, a toad that lives in the desert of Sonara (Mexico).

The glands of Bufo Alvarius Toad produce a latex called Bufoteina. It should be noted that the toad does not receive any damage. That latex is extracted from your glands and dried. The "medicine" is inhaled in a ceremony. Once inside, the body transforms the "o-methyl-bufoteine" into 5meO-DMT.

Getting it to be easily absorbable and able to cross the blood barrier of the brain, reaching the brain instantaneously.

This special molecule is activated in specific states such as birth, death and sleep. It breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent a continuous state of perception, awakening and complete consciousness. It is one of the deepest experiences that a human being can obtain on this planet at any level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


We are Spanish Association of International Ancestral Medicines Reg 619016

Bufo Alvarius